Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want

Track by P!nk


作詞:Max Martin/Shellback/P!nk

作曲:Max Martin/Shellback/P!nk

Running like a dog
Fighting like I bitch too much
and you just can't
stand it baby
Even when I fall you
just don't seem to give
two shits
'Cause you just too cool baby
We could have it all
But neither one of us
would budge
'Cause we can't be wrong baby
Folding up your arms
Closing up your heart
I know I know I know you think
it's me
'Cause I want it all
No I know I know I know you see
That we gotta talk
You know you know you know
you must believe
Or fall apart
I feel like our ship's
going down tonight
But it's always darkest
before the light
And that's enough for me to try
Whatever you want
Whatever you need
Whatever you do
Even if I say that it's over now
Even if we want to move on
And just like that we come alive
Whatever you want
Whatever you need
Whatever you do
Trying to get a breath
Thinking about the time
you said
that I was your heart, baby
Trying to understand
how a grown man goes on
without a body part, baby
I could walk away
I could always cash my chips
and I'd be ok, baby
I would be ok
and you might be ok
Oh I know I know

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