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Mama Give Me Order

Mama Give Me Order

Track by The Strypes


作詞:Josh McClorey

作曲:Josh McClorey

Mama give me orders, Send me on my wicked way, I've been stuck here at the borders of, Brilliance and Tanqueray. They act like brilliance is boring, And the bottle is my fate, Mama, give me order, Before it's too late. Mama slap me silly, Give me daggers for my sins, But comfort me in times of doubt, Tell me I'm a good skin. There's troubles on the border, And there's trouble in my mind, Mama slap me silly, Mama beat me kind. And all the boys can fuck around, 'Cause they ain't filled these shoes, And all the girls inside my head, Could never know the truth, When Mama gives me order, You know there ain't no dispute. Mama give me order, Send me on my way, Mama give me order, Before its too late.

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