Konichiwa Bitches(Menta Remix)

Konichiwa Bitches(Menta Remix)

Track by Robyn


作詞:Klas Ahlund/ロビン

作曲:Klas Ahlund/ロビン

You wanna rumble in my jungle I'll take you on Stampede your rumpa And send you home You wanna rumble in space I put my laser on stun And on tha north pole I'll ice you son You wanna thrilla in Manilla You'll be killer bee stung Wanna taste of vanilla Better watch your tongue 'Cause I'll hammer your toe Like a pediatrician Saw you in half Like I'm a magician Tear you down Like I'm in demolition Count you out Like a mathematician I'm so very hot that when I rob your mansion You ain't call the cops you call the firestation 'Cause my love is so sweet You'll be zoom zoom zoom Don't even get me started on my bada boom boom One left one right thats how I organize 'em You know I fill my cups no need to supersize em' Right now you probably thinking how she get in them jeans Well I'm gifted all natural and burstin the seams Konichiwa bitches Konichiwa bitches Don't I look tasty like a french bon bon Even more sweeter than a cherry bomb Coming with the postman like I'm a mailbomb Comin in your mouth Makes you say yum yum Hit the gong gong Bring the sumos on I'm 'a kick ass all the way to hongkong Make the balls bounce like a game of ping pong Konichiwa bitches from Beijing to Saigon Got nothing on me 'Cause you know you're so bum Dom didi dom didididi dom dom Check the scenario I'm 'a bust your ear drum And leave you heads ringing With the Ring a ding dong Busy on the mic Since the day I was what Born Check out my style t's the rock of what Mo' Shine is on me like a dog on what Bone Fight the power Put myself on the throne You know when shit is getting heavy Like it's weights a ton I will run you down like a marathon Tape you up good Put you in the trunk See you next Tuesday You is a punk

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