It's Me

It's Me

Track by Mary J. Blige


作詞:メアリー・J.ブライジ/Priscilla Renea Hamilton/リチャード・バトラー/Dwayne Nesmith/Tremain Neverson/Brandon Alexander

作曲:メアリー・J.ブライジ/Priscilla Renea Hamilton/リチャード・バトラー/Dwayne Nesmith/Tremain Neverson/Brandon Alexander

You fell in love with who you're looking at Something is changed And there's no hiding that Sometimes I wish that I can read your mind And see what secrets you have that I can find I don't know what you're doing Or how you spend your time I've been getting this feeling That something just ain't right And I hope that I'm wrong I don't wanna be right You won't do this to me Not me, not me Why you asking me these questions It's me You know I ain't hiding nothing It's me, it's me You know I wear everything on my sleeve You already know It's me, it's me Why you acting like a stranger It's me I have always been the same girl It's me, it's me Why is it a problem now It's like you just figured out that It's me, it's me It's me Is there something you wanna talk about Cuz everything I do upsets you now I'm starting to feel some type of way Starting to feel like it's a game And I don't wanna play, no I don't really understand Is this really happening Am I crazy No it ain't me You're the one that's losing it Why you look at me so different Thought I used to be your best friend Now I'm on the outside looking in

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