New Eyes (feat. Lizzo)

New Eyes (feat. Lizzo)

Track by Clean Bandit


作曲:Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson & Melissa Viviane Jefferson

In the quiet of my room
I gather up my thoughts and
Could I ever be like you
Could I ever be a person
So real and so true
It seems implausible
When I look at my reflection
If only I could say
The things I never mention
The things you never knew
And I'd like to thank you
For the human I've become
I'm sorry if I let you down
I'm trying
I'm learning
As I stumble along
To see this new world with your
Once upon a time there was a
who so much loved the world
she gave her only
begotten sunshine and dried her
stained eyes
on a neck tie
took the best lies made
'em truths spit sad soliloquies
in the booth
because people
think they know but they
barely knew the reality of what
the othersiders do
But I've been there, I've
learned that,
seen a whole bunch world
and done came back
Got a reckoning for wrecking in
my knapsack
'Bout to journey on foot
through the outback
GRRRL PRTY is the label on my
Doin' worldwide shows in a
black hat
Bout to tell your ass a story
so take that
Free prophecies from a black cat
Seen his demise with a pair of
brand new eyes
It was sickening guy, never
to be stickin it to thickening
But now he deeper than the
secrets that he keep
with a lie
"Mm tastes good" baby with a
cry now wait...
Thinkin' about it too much too
Deepen the profit sooner sooner
He never wanted to be a loser,
but the bruises of losing is
oozing through his fingers
The tips that like to brush at
my hips is now
at the hilt of a sword, lord
On the battlefield torn, sworn,

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