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Trouble In Paradise

Trouble In Paradise


Billy's home, he just back from LA Plenty of lines but nothing to say Seen this movie and it don't end nice Looks like trouble in paradise He used to be cool he used to laugh a lot Down at the brothers in the parking lot now he's sick, and he's scared and he's paying the price (Chorus) Trouble in paradise Trouble in paradise, Momma said he always was so nice Trouble in paradise American son he's not very old An American dream that's never been sold The smile on his face is his last disguise We've got trouble in paradise There's a scream inside that shouts here I am Some people say you we've got to do all we can Me I don't know you see I've been there myself once or twice (Repeat Chorus) Five long years since I wrote this song Many people dying, so many gone Tender loving is my only advice (Repeat Chorus) Trouble in...

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