Gonna Get You

Gonna Get You
Such a long and dark and lonely
I asked myself is it wrong, is
it right,
in on a Saturday night
So let's try it one more time
Try and make you want something,
just that's better than mine
I can't take any more going out
all night
It's just pity alright
Don't know what I can do, baby,
I'm losing you.
Yes you,
you can't believe I was true.
I said no, oh
I'm gonna get you out of my head
Oh, yes love will get a seat
Such a pity for me, but it's
easy to see
Just can't open my eyes, I never
do realize
So just give me one chance, one
more little romance
I give you my best, let's forget
all the rest
Baby sees that
time's moving over
I gotta see your shadow, and
there's a long lonely night
A dark and lonely night
I was looking down and out and I

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