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Another Message From Ron Burgundy

Another Message From Ron Burgundy

Track by Ron Burgundy


作詞:John Nau/Andrew Feltenstein/Adam McKay

作曲:John Nau/Andrew Feltenstein/Adam McKay

How's this record treating you so far? Really? You're disappointed because it's not like the movie? Well, what the hell did you expect? It's a record! Jesus H. Christmas You kids nowadays with your entitlement You know what my dad gave me for my birthday every year? A gun part And then when I was eighteen, I had a full gun and he threw me out of the house and said "Now, go kill your own dinner" That was life and we didn't gripe We pulled ourselves up by our stones and we went to work When we weren't drunk, of course Look, I'm sorry It's just a soundtrack Like it or don't like it I'm gonna go have a belt

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