(One, one..)Don't fuck it up!
It only takes (One)
so feel it y'all (One)
Now every (One)
It only takes (One)
You only need (One)
So feel it y'all (One)
We're number (One)
You're not number (One)
It only takes (One)
So feel it y'all (One)
It only takes, to click clack
the gun on 'em
To bring drama to 'em like Dee
Witt we runnin' em
One, drama 'n I get the gun out
the couch, run out the house
With the loaded pistol stuck in
his crouch - One
You fuck it up for all of the
You n your niggas in the parking
lot rollin' the cess
Tryin' to get up in some
chickens that all in your shit
They all wit it, and all seem
down to get it, except One
She ain't feelin' the crew
Plus she got a man she don't
like niggas like you
She said you fuck wit the
niggas, you know how they do
We roll out, 'cause we see
another we another set of dudes
So one - minute later, hear some
shots in the air
Niggas duckin' on the ground
like guerilla warfare
Fuckin' up a niggas groove and
when they know it ain't fair
He roll out with his niggas and
his hands in the air
Singin' One (one, one, one, one)
It only takes (One)
To rock it y'all (One)
You only need (One)
To do it y'all (One)
It takes, one, tragedy to bring
a family closer
One bullet to start a war and be
a part of gore
These hoes trick and be on crack
like a slightly parted door
It took one hit, tongue kiss and
make cum quick
It took one hit, for a wack
rapper to make millions
Causing the illest niggas to
switch and spit what they ain't
One! Day a time of alcohol it
takes to get by
Is worth more than a mini puff
it takes to get high
One, Love was the joint that my

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