Riding Shotgun

Riding Shotgun

作詞:Jessie E. Malakouti

作曲:Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll

I love you more than money, love you more than dope Know I got a temper But if it came down to it, up against the ropes I'd be in your corner Gonna just come out and say it I think both of us are crazy But I love you anyhow That's just how we get down One of us lost and the other is found - Myself a partner Even though it's getting darker If you feel like hope is gone We can make it til' dawn Baby we gotta just keep holding on Don't Let me go Don't Let me go I can't take it Cuz I gotta be the one that's riding shotgun - You know that I'm Your ride or die So quit playing Cuz I gotta be the one that's riding shotgun I hate your taste in music, hate it when you smoke But your kiss is fire And if I said I'd leave you, If I said I'd ghost Then I'd be a liar You can't let me go, I'm your radio - Keep on turning me up

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