la salle de bain

la salle de bain

Track by 椎名林檎


作詞:椎名 林檎

作曲:椎名 林檎

in a cafe
just a little down the stairs
from a city shop
selling cameras and things
i smelled your lighter oil
mixed with coffee and cream
an odor still lingered
from the lines you gave me
you said it did not you?
“just do it kill me”
today is a day
that in particular
i seem to be smiling
and laughing quite a lot
i just had a dream and
in it you had died
and i had no choice
then but to love you
do not think to abandon
or ever leave me
so wash me cut me
i am underwater
my lungs and breathing are
quite affected
please watch me closely
and do check to see
i dry out completely
i dry through and through
come shine me tear me
i am underwater
relying completely
on zero gravity
and when I do melt down entirely
bon appetit
it was you who was dying
there right in front of me
and i could not stop the tears
i could not hold them in
all of the little things
of this little world
are so very dear to me
it hurts to think of them

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