It's Who We Are

It's Who We Are

Track by Nulbarich


作詞:Jeremy Quartus/Ryan Octaviano

作曲:Jeremy Quartus

A boring Sunday is the situation でも嫌じゃないって思えた today 窓の外を覗く and I'll find it いつもと変わらないって I was thinking but it was like a movie 座りこんだ with some popcorns ただ眺めた from my side oh, storyのないstory Mysterious mysterious just trust me on this one Take a breath I'll be fine alright? すれ違いは全部 throw out 気分次第で fly 行き先は未定でも that's fine * I think that um... Me myself and I need some time 深い意味はないけど また笑顔で会えるそれだけで It's who we are 思い通りの方がboring ** Pull the strings but don't cling Sometimes loosen up and grin Strech the strings and keep my chin up Play my 好きなハーモニーとハミングLALA I like it このままでいい till the sunrise Having fun in this situation いっそ終わるまで keep me hanging on Don't know when or where I'll change but it's temporary 少しだけ上の空 but I had a blast Ready or not don't panic 色んな日があっていいはず Being a kid is like a magic 明日また一人で party は sorry Why don't we party together *Repeat **Repeat I don't want faith for lies I don't have anything to hide I don't need everything but you why ask? so silly I'll keep my ears closed till I need your voice around me I'll hear you soon 思い通りじゃない day by day Tomorrow always picks me up So I 変わらずいれた It's who we are *Repeat **Repeat It's who we are

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