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Fancy That

Fancy That

作曲:Andy Taylor/John Taylor/Robert Palmer/Tony Thompson

You see that girl over there - With big sunglasses on? She can't take her eyes off you She's up and down 'bout seven times to the john She's about to turn around her baseball hat Just fancy that You see that girl over there - With the predatory stare? She's about to make her big gambit - watch it She's got a dangerous air - don't watch her You know she wants you to Better turn around before she makes her play Just fancy that You see that girl over there - With the high-heel sneakers on? She's been looking at you side long for half an hour If you ask me, you better call a taxi and get uptown You don't want to wake up with a fatal disease Just fancy that Better cool your jets 'fore you lose your cool Better hedge your bets or you'll look like a fool Don't get all wound up, you're too out of it Better settle up before you lose your wits You see that teenager with no inhibitions on? She's about to come and test the strength - Of your resolve and how She's got an ugly friend for insurance in the crowd It's a game, a tease, she'll only sneer If you try a pass Just fancy that

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