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40 Past Midnight

40 Past Midnight

作詞:Steve Cradock/Oscar Harrison/Damon Minchella

作曲:Simon Fowler/Steve Cradock/Oscar Harrison/Damon Minchella

Well I'm waiting standing on the corner And it's coming 40 past the hour In the midnight lonely freezing hour With my insides churning in the gutter And I'm waiting 40 past midnight Catching rain in the soda light Won't you come and call me to your window Please don't leave me waiting on the corner We could have the best time If you lighten up your life With my pockets holey in the inside With my bus ride rolling in the gutter But if you would only light your lamp light Then I would be here than any other Well I'm waiting 40 past midnight Catching cold in the pouring rain Won't you come and take me to your door So I can take myself home again When I'm waiting standing on the corner And the soda light begins to flicker And it's getting 40 past the hour And I think I won't see what I figure Well I'm waiting freezing on the inside Staring up at your window pane If you won't come see me this evening I can see myself here again

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