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Alibi (feat. Darien) [DF's out on Bail Instrumental Mix] (DF's out on Bail Instrumental Mix)

Alibi (feat. Darien) [DF's out on Bail Instrumental Mix] (DF

Track by Reel People


I'm building a spaceship in my backyard Using pieces of our family car I'm building this spaceship out of this car So I can fly off and live among the stars I'm gonna bail out before it's too late Get the fuck out, I'll dwell in space I'll travel around at the speed of light Enveloped by the darkness of eternal night Discover the universe while you all die I've got a future, so I say goodbye I want to see what's never been seen I want to do what's never been done So I'm building a spaceship black, sleek and fast I'll fly out of here, ride out on the blast Split this pit before it blows I'll watch it from the back seat One last sick show

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