Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions

Track by Ariana Grande




Boy you know that you drive me crazy But it's one of the things I like Cuz I know what you need it baby That I got that oo oo Let 'em keep let 'em keep on talkin' But it don't matter what they say Cuz you know when you hear me knockin' Gonna get that ooo oo I've been doin' stupid things Wilder than I've ever been You've become my favorite sin So let em keep let em keep on talkin' That's right We got that hood love We got that good love We got that hot love We got that I don't give a "what" love We got that one life Gimme that all night We got that Bonnie and Clyde love They say it's wrong But that's the way you turn me on We got that hood love We got that good love Make me make bad.. Boy you make me make bad decisions Boy you make me make bad decisions No they ain't gonna understand it Understand what I see in you They don't know when you touch my body That I see the truth truth Let 'em keep let 'em keep on talking Cuz I know that I got someone Any time that I need some danger Gonna get that oo oo Don't you know I ain't fuckin' with them good boys Know you love me like ain't nobody could boy If you want it boy you got it Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch

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