Then We Kiss

Then We Kiss

Track by Icona Pop


作詞:Aino Jawo/Caroline Hjelt/Elof Loelv/Jarvis Anderson/Markus Krunegård/Patrik Berger

daylight to nighttime to sunrise through your eyes through my eyes to your lips then my lips to your hips then our hips are moving in time then we kiss then we kiss skyline your moonlight the sky boys we kick down police cars and sirens are breaking the silence and two hearts with fire inside then we kiss then we kiss hope that's the way to go how the fuck should i know stop here this is wait oh no you have to pay down down down the hill tripped over took er still lights out go and clap we can be here on top no baby don't stop let's go get her stay here forever then we kiss palm trees a new day sunrise is something that girl the same place looking for you as always a tap on the shoulder it's you then we kiss then we kiss then we kiss then we kiss then we kiss

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