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Hate & War (Remastered)

Hate & War (Remastered)

Track by The Clash


作詞:Joe Strummer

作曲:Joe Strummer

Hate and war The only things we got today And if I close my eyes They will not go away You have to deal with it It is the currency Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate The hate of a nation A million miles from home And get war from the junkies Who don't like my form I'm gonna stay in the city Even when the house fall down I don't dream of a holiday When hate and war come around Hate and war The only thing we got today Hate and war The only thing I have the will to survive I cheat if I can't win If someone locks me out I kick my way back in And if I get aggression I give it to them two time back Every day it's just the same With hate an' war on my back Hate and war, I hate English men Hate and war, they're just as bad as wops Hate and war, I hate all the politeness Hate and war, I hate all the cops Hate and war, I wanna walk down any street Hate and war, looking like a creep Hate and war, I don't care if I get beat up Hate and war, by any Kebab Greek

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