Like This

Like This

Track by R. City


作詞:Lukasz Gottwald/Henry Walter/Theron Thomas/Timothy Thomas

作曲:Lukasz Gottwald/Henry Walter/Theron Thomas/Timothy Thomas

So You Think You Can Dis
The International Bad Man Them
Straight Outta Virgin Islands
We Don't Play No Games With No
Kinda Jokey Boy
Ya Done Know How We Walk And
And Kick Up Like This
And Gwan Like This She Say She
Never Hear
Nobody Talk Like This
Sag In Ah Me Pants Make Me Walk
Like This
Flag In Ah Me Pocket Make Me
Rep My Click
Soon As It Drop
You Know We Rock Like This She
See Me Put It On The Map Like
This She Never
Know Poor Could Ah Look So Rich
She Never Seen Nothing Turn To
So Quick
Soon As It Drop She Say That's
My Shit
You'n Never Hear Nobody Who
Does Rap Like This
Put The Virgin Islands On The
Map Like This
Ghetto Youths That's Why We
Does Act Like This
Rock City Get This Mother Skunt
Pack Like This
It's Our Time Now Just Watch
Like This
A Bunch A Middle Fingers To The
Cops Like This
Ain't Nobody Else Rocking Gucci
Chains Like This
Island Boy Cartel And You Know
We Run This
Burning Too Hot
Damn We Won't Stop
Screaming More Fire
Lighters In The Sky
Somebody Call F.E.M.A (Woah)
Mucho Gasolina

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