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Eyes of Silver

Eyes of Silver

作詞:Tom Johnston

Eyes of Silver Eyes of silver hungry and aware Eyes of silver, your mystic love I share 'Cause I'm hungry baby For the love you give away Kick out all that stupid pride That's standin' in my way Inside my loving eyes are open wide Eyes of silver, on which I shall rely Diamonds are forever, and gold can make you lie But your eyes of silver shine on, shine on Blades of steel have helped a man to conquer all Rubies by the hundreds fill the Taj Mahal Eyes of silver, you tell me what I need To bring this cold and lonely man Down to his bended knees Inside my lovin' arms are open wide For you eyes of silver On which I shall rely Diamonds and gold make you lie, lie, lie But your eyes of silver, they shine on, shine on Eyes of silver, baby, shine on, shine on Baby, shining, yeah yeah, yeah, baby shining

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