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Never Let Go

Never Let Go

Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:C. Smith/E. Turner/G. Grice/J. Hunter/L. Hawkins/Martin Luther King, Jr./R. Diggs

[MLK SPEECH] Verse 1: Look homicide is legal Death is the penalty Never let go when you've got hold of your enemy Eagle claw cobra clutch By any means necessary I'll never let it go See my shadow ninja mic flow I throw a brave archer dart arrow through your temple Almighty bow of Ulysses the indigenous Plan of the Wu Tang Clan became a world brand We never let it go Man we talkin' half a mil a show Verse 2: Never let go of your mind It's a terrible thing to waste Or lose but it's very hard to find Being that ignorance is lethal We must touch hearts Tune souls Harmonize the people Never let go of your plan Execute so when you shoot Inspire everyone on the land Never lose knowledge of self For it may become a risk to your health And a great loss of wealth [MLK SPEECH] "We rise to magnificent heights meeting physical force with soul force" Verse 3: Never let go of your cream Never let go of your dream Players retire but they never let go of the team If you a rider then you never let go of that thing Pull up on ya mans like you betta let go of that bling This life is crazy Too many life sentences maybe Fatherless babies on the block With their fathers 380 That's just the hood lately Never let go I'm what the hood made me Mama told me to find a good lady Verse 4: Never let go I'm starin' at death like yo That ya best blow? Still I hold on like En Vogue The cold go to war with the heat Eyes wide never fallin' asleep All the talkin' is cheap Call him ultimate warrior WWF I come up victorious Struggle is nothing to DECK Set it straight for the seeds To see a better note take the real life by the reigns And I ain't letfin' go I ain't lettin' go Chorus: No matter what the odds be No matter how hard it be We'll never let go Verse 5: Ayyo Never let go of the fight Never let go of the mic My honesty my values my loyalty my pride In memory of those that passed on the other side Never letting go I'm never letting go of my beliefs my faith, convictions, real Both hands holding on Never let go of the wheel We hood legends misunderstood These lessons learned Growing up through manhood Keep focused on the prize But you better do a little taste of heaven Sunshine is where we headed to 3 steps ahead of you Always on schedule Smoked the whole leaf down to the residue Letting go is something that I never do Those who let go live life regrettable Never let go of your hope or your rope Eyes on the prize Never let go of the scope When I'm in jail Never let go of the soap Hold on boy and never let go Verse 6: Never let go of the all I seeing, the supreme Never let go of the love for your seeds, or your queen Never let go of your heart or the place you started That feeling that I had - Wu Tang just charted The old earth departed I give thanks to the martyrs I never let go of the love I have for thy father Never let go of the glow The more I know the more that it shows I won't let go even if I decompose This seeds will carry it on We need to carry it on Pass the baton life is just a marathon And I'm playing to win it This an epidemic Never let go That's what the God recommended Chorus [MLK SPEECH]

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