Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel
Somewhere below the grand hotel
There is a tunnel that leads
down to hell
Take the dumbwaiter, the laundry
Then sneak through the hall past
the boy's shining boots
Then left at the courtyard
through the old garden
Where all the bellhops smoke
with the guards
And then you run to the old lake
Down to the old lake house
Run to the old lake house where
it begins
Under the floorboards there's a
deep well
That leads to a spring that
sprung up in hell
That's where old devils danced
and kissed
And made their blood pacts in
the ancient myths
And running through forest they
screamed in chorus
While piercing fair maiden's
chests with their horns
And then they lay in the grass
'til the dawn came
Sleeping away 'til the dawn came
Lay in the grass where now
stands the grand hotel
The Maître d' and a fancy chef
Silver's real, the liquor's top

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