Swear Your Love (Album Version)

Swear Your Love (Album Version)

Track by Kenny Loggins


作詞:Kenny Loggins

作曲:Kenny Loggins

I got a letter from my love, It said exactly what I'm thinking of no words can say, Well darling I'll find away You see your diamond ring, I' here to say that doesn't mean a thing Without your love, And if that's all we got then take it off take it off Swear your love say you don't need no diamond baby If some piece of papers keepin us together I ain't buyin it baby Swear your love all your really got after it's said and done is what you tell each other when it's one on one Darlin won't you swear your love I know a lady in spokane, She thought that happiness would find her when she caught a man, security second-hand She got her diamond ring It's sad to say that was the only thing I guess she forgot, you gotta believe enough to swear your love Swear your love say your're with me forever baby No legal paper pressure from your friends will ever keep us together Swear your love thats the way to hold on babe Promise me you'll be my only lady, Darling won't you swear your love This ain't no ticket out , Is that what you think our love is about? Think twice before you call, Girl get it straight or don't get it at all Swear your love swear you love

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