Track by Ariana Grande


作詞:アリアナ・グランデ/Thomas Brown/V. McCants/Peter Lee Johnson

作曲:アリアナ・グランデ/Thomas Brown/V. McCants/Peter Lee Johnson

The sun is setting And you're right here by my side And the movie is playing But we won't be watching tonight Every look Every touch Makes me want to give you my heart Guess I'm crushing on ya baby Stay right where you are cause I never knew I never knew You could hold moonlight in your hands Till the night I held you You are my moonlight Moonlight Boy you got me falling You are my moonlight Moonlight I kiss I fingertips As I wishing he's all mine He's giving me Elvis With some James Dean in his eyes Every look Every touch Makes me wanna give him my body I be crushin' on you baby And I just can't stop cause He's so bossy He makes me dance Wanna sit in the back of whip And just cancel my plans Sweet like candy But he's such a man He knows just what it does

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