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Track by Fun.


作詞:Fun./Jeff Bhasker

this growing old is getting old i often find myself here thinking about the birds, the boats and past loves that flew away or started sinking and it's crazy here without you i used to think this all was ours we'd stay up late, debate on how we'll find our way you say it's all up in the stars some nights i rule the world with "barlights" and "pretty girls" most nights i stay straight and think about my mom oh god i miss her so much and there are people on the street they're coining up to me and they're telling me that they like what i do now so i tried my best when i took the fall to get right back up, back in your arms if you're right here, why do i miss you so much? i feel like i had it all back before i lost it all now i just wait for you to talk to me but you won't even look at me baby you are always saying that you, you're always holding onto stars i think they're better from afar cause no one here is gonna save us me, i am fading in the dark so don't you ever kiss me don't you wish on me why can't you see that no one is gonna save us i just need a helping hand i close my eyes and think about tomorrow it never came true it never came true

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