Sister of Mercy (Extended Version)

Sister of Mercy (Extended Version)

作詞:Joseph Martin Leeway

作曲:Joseph Martin Leeway

She lives in a big white house The rooms are lemon and she's devoted to life of keeping this house just right, ooh, ooh The weekends are perfectly nice ooh, ooh And she doesn't talk when he comes home at night Twenty five years she's just the same She's a lonely woman, quiet in her ways Then he comes home one night She kills him with a knife Now she's the one who's a living in paradise (chorus) (Sister of mercy) No sister of mercy Oh don't cry for me (sister of mercy) No sister of mercy It's all alright for me Now she sits in a big white chair In a room that's not so different to the one back there She turns her face to the light But she is blinded by her life You can hear her cry alone at night (REPEAT CHORUS) So have mercy on that woman you don't know the way it's been You don't know the trouble her eyes have seen Can you feel the kiss of life when you come home at night? Well, you better not turn your back on a paradise (REPEAT CHORUS) Sister of mercy (Sister of mercy) Sister of mercy oh, oh Sister of mercy (Sister of mercy) Sister of mercy oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (REPEAT CHORUS x 2)

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