I See You

I See You
Hey there pretty lady, I know
you like it when I call you baby
Unlimited kisses like all over
your face
You all in my dreams so that's
what Ima chase
I can't wait to come back home
to you
Feel in on your body is what I
want to do
Like ohwah ohwah
Stay right there
Let me come and tell you what
you're worth
Baby you should know
Know you're all I need
I'm tellin you right now, just
to trust and believe
But even if you don't, don't
believe the hype
Ima tell you like this tonight
I see you
Looking like that
I don't even think you know it
Just what you do
Everytime you put your love on
I see you
And i swear that
Every day and night you'll know
What you do
Everytime I get you next me
Yeah, lets go
Alright alright alright
100 girl you know how I keep it

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