I Can't Hold Back

I Can't Hold Back

Track by Survivor


作詞:Jim Peterik/Frankie Sullivan

作曲:Jim Peterik/Frankie Sullivan

There's a story in my eyes
Turn the pages of desire
Now it's time
to trade those dreams
For the rush of passion's fire
I can feel you tremble
when we touch
And I feel the hand of fate
Reaching out to both of us
I've been holding back the night
I've been searching for
a clue from you
I'm gonna try with all my might
To make this story line
come true
Can you feel me tremble
when we touch?
Can you feel the hands of fate
Reaching out to both of us?
This love affair can't wait
I can't hold back,
I'm on the edge
(I can't hold back)
Your voice explodes
inside my head
I can't hold back,
I won't back down
Girl, it's too late
to turn back now
Another shooting star goes by
And in the night the silence
speaks to you and I

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