Fly In The Blue Moonlight

Fly In The Blue Moonlight

Track by UNCHAIN


作詞:谷川 正憲

作曲:佐藤 将文

Flying in the blue moonlight
Flying in the blue moonlight
Far away from me
Are you feeling me?
I want you tell me
how's your life
"Everyday is busy"
A simple word tells me
Sometimes I wonder why
you're so cold
Many years has passed
I fell in love with you
My love for you
Deeper and deeper
When I call you,
every once in a while
You drive me mad
to see you right away
It is biting cold night
Missing you so much
But alright
I'm flying to you in the sky
I'm only dreaming
But I don't care
Because the night's still young
Let's get together where
The blue moon waits for the sun
If I could see you soon
I just wanna give you
hug and kiss
We'd like to party down

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