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Track by Men At Work


作詞:Colin Hay

作曲:Colin Hay

Maria was born in the country She loved her homeland Maria was from a poor family For their girl they had greater plans Across the sea not yet twenty Sailed our Maria, a man to see Perhaps marry dreams our Maria This was to be eventually for our Maria Maria made plans for the future Sh had sons to her man Maria grew sad as the years passed She did not understand You must believe me Though its not easy, trust in me My life's been wasted There's nothing sacred I can see Though we're together It seems we've never known the way These lives we started Now broken hearted everyday Maria works in the factory She makes shoes for the man Maria lives for her family Now she does what she can. Hold on to me Hold on to me Maria For this was to be A tragedy for our Maria Oh Maria don't you cry Oh Maria dry your eyes

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