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Make Me Over

Make Me Over

作詞:Anthony C. Williams II

作曲:Anthony C. Williams II

You know my other side I can no longer hide Let you down so many times Sin freshly crucifies Thought that I had a plan had it all figured out but the more that you tried to be by my side the more I pushed you out Lord make me over (repeat x 3) Make me over again (repeat x 4) between this some one says "Is that anybody's prayer tonight" Time after the time I failed you Pierced your side when they already nailed you Jesus heal my open wounds I just want to be more like you Father I let you down what's not like you just take it out Reconcile me Jesus, I just want to please you wash me and make me whole (hold) Lord make me over (repeat x 3) Make me over again (repeat x 4) Make me over again Lord cause I'm tired of my evil ways and I want to make a change make me over Lord

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