Overnight Celebrity

Overnight Celebrity

Track by Twista


作詞:C. Mitchell/K. West/L. Williams/M. Ben Ari/M. Bennett

(*talking*) Oh you didn't think we can it again Twista, Kanye West, from Po Pimping to Poppin Tags From Chunkiest to Slow Jamz, oh baby We can even make you a overnight celebrity Know what I'm saying, come on (Hook) Why don't we, play something these hoes'd like Drive whips, I know they like Twista, you told her right (I could make you a celebrity overnight) Give you ice, like Kobe right We sorta like Goldie right The way, we mode em right (I could make you a celebrity overnight) (Twista) Girl I see you, in them apple bottom jeans Chinchilla on your back, I wanna know your name Girl I'm Twista, I could blow your brains Put you in a chameleon, 0-4 Range Still sexy, when you smoke that flame Jerk you like a chicken, when you throw that thang She got me hotter than a oven, the way that she talk Switching to freaky, so I'm loving the way that she walk You looking good girl, you oughta be in pictures Listen to me, I see your career going sky high Taking you home to the crib, in the Chi And everytime I see your thighs, I cry when I drive by Watching you should be a thrill, got the fellas Hustling trying to get, steady screaming my-my-my-my Walk on the carpet, with the bells that flick in the dark Kicking it on the couch, at 106 & Park I can see your beauty, on the big screen I can see me freaking you, with whip cream I can see you on stage, at the awards With a dress better than Jennifer's, and doing big things Kick it with me, I can mold your life You looking good girl, show you right Dre told me, you the prototype I can make you a celebrity overnight (Hook - 2x) (Twista) You want fame, you can take that path Candlelights, when you take a bath You got, such a sensational ass I'ma get you Jimmy Choo, and Marc Jacob bags I can cop her, a 2000 and 3 Make her smile, when she sees Spree's I can get you on cd's, and DVD's Take you to BB's, and BCBG I can get you in the places, to be into The people to know or show you things, sticker than to I wanna be your lover, undercover Don And protect you from others, don't ever let a brother pimp you If you want the style, you can rich your blood Y'all take a look at her, she got such an astonishing body I can see you in some Gucci, or Roberto Cavali And I bet she gon put a hurt on em, hard in the party And you know you kill em in the club, we go You was born to be a pro, having clothes, taking photos And I love you cause you freaky with the dope clothes Drop it to the flo' let it go when you roll slow And I love it when I hit it from the back And you get on top of me and have a brother going oh-oh Girl I love how you roll me right I can make you a celebrity overnight (Hook) (*talking*) You see, see baby girl You see how you make a brother break down I just gotta ask you what you need What you need from me, oh you wanna be a star Are you messing with the right one I can take you there, I can make sure You've got all the finest things Let me be your manager (Twista) Come here girl I could see you bored Took you to the queen that I see you for Take you shopping on sprees in stores I'ma get you to the MTV awards We about, to do a show tonight You looking good girl, show you right Take you places I know you like I could make you a celebrity overnight Come here girl, you could hang if you bored We could do plenty things plus more I'm about to have you change in the stores I can even get you to the Soul Train awards We about to do a show tonight You looking good girl show you right Take you places I know you like I could make you a celebrity overnight

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