AWAの学割 中学生以上の学生ならこんなにおトク!月額980円が月額480円に。まずは1か月無料でお試し!


i don't need you to love me i don't need you to love i've got i've got i've got my sister i can't feel her now she may not be here but she still mine and i know she still love me i've got my children i can't hold them now they may not be here but they still mine and i hope they know i still love them got my house it still keep the cold out got my chair when my body can't hold out got my hands doing good like they spose too showing my heart to the folks that im close too got my eye though they don't see as far now they see more bout how things really are now i'm gonna take a deep breath i'm gonna hold my head up i'm gonna put my shoulders back and look you straight in the eye i'm gonna flirt with somebody when they walk by i'm gonna sing out sing out i believe i have inside of me everything that i need to live a bountiful life with all the love alive in me i'll stand as tall as the tallest tree and i'm thanking for each day that i'm given both the easy and hard ones i'm living but most of all i'm thankful for loving who i really am i'm beautiful yes i'm beautiful and i'm here


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