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Search And Destroy

Search And Destroy

Track by Peaches


作曲:James Osterberg/James Williamson

I'm a street walking cheetah With a heart full of napalm I'm a runaway son Of the nuclear A-bomb I am A world's forgotten boy The one Who searches and destroys Honey gotta help me please Somebody gotta save my soul Baby detonates for me Look out honey, 'Cause I'm using technology Ain't got time To make no apology Soul radiation In the dead of night Love in the middle Of a fire fight Honey gotta strike me blind Somebody gotta save my soul Baby penetrates my mind And I'm The world's forgotten boy The one who's searchin', Searchin' to destroy And honey I'm the world's Forgotten boy The one who's searchin' Searchin' to destroy Forgotten boy Forgotten boy Forgotten boy said Hey forgotten boy

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