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Just A Kid (feat. Kevin Writer) [MIKEY C Remix]

Just A Kid (feat. Kevin Writer) [MIKEY C Remix]

Track by Two Friends

  • 1.Just A Kid (feat. Kevin Writer) [MIKEY C Remix]

作曲:E. Sones/K. Milledge II/M. Halper

Uh, OK, DipSet, I'm back Lets get back to it Hell Rell, History In The Making in stores (blah, blah, blah) Yo Its JR But for now ya'll can call me AR Ray Charles could see that you don't pop up on my radar I'm DipSet's flame Who shouldn't check lames And skip through they tracks like a express train Let the kid explain My spit rep game's Like a big stretch Range When it hit left lanes (full speed) I run up on your block With the inf red aim And turn ya little spots into big red stains Piss test chain I get it from Dave At the district its made Little nigga behave (why) We equipped with them Trays So if you ever did swing a shovel on me you'd be using that to dig up your grave Hey.. rookie its J Push me and pay Let the Smuk put him up, I'm a put him away Lay some cheddar on his temple Yes sir its simple I have a couple goons go and press him like he wrinkles Hop out put them little Westons on his dimples (there you go) And do him the same way I wreck a instrumental You should see the god damn records that the Sym do If its a issue when I skip through alls you 'gon see is

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