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The Bike Song

The Bike Song

作詞:Dave McCabe/Naeem Juwan Hanks/Homer Steinweiss/Victor Axelrod/Tom Brenneck

作曲:Dave McCabe/Naeem Juwan Hanks/Homer Steinweiss/Victor Axelrod/Tom Brenneck

I run around town Around around and round The pedal to the metal The pedal to whatever (X4) Shooting round The streaky bends I hear a conversation in my head Thinking of a place to be I sing a little melody instead I won't argue with myself Today my legs Are getting some help My mother tells me I should stop Go and get a real job That can't be the way that I roll Everybody's growing up Having kids and paying rent They're all getting Cars of their own (X4) Thinking of a girl I met A phone call that I haven't made yet All the things I've done this week And all the things I should've done instead I sweep the pavements and the park I hope that I get home Before it's dark CHORUS I can understand it But I can't really stand 'em Girls love cars Cars cause harm to the planet Don't you want to You take a joy ride on my tandem Hubby on a huffy Don't I look some handsome Bikes suffice They so nice like priceless Working on my calves Triceps and biceps bypass the gas Stopped at traffic lights I get around town Without a driver's license Hello, you walking? Farewell I'm off then And I'm whipping through the city With a 40 and a 50 Party Popping on my wheely Good God CHORUS

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