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A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:Wu-Tang Clan/S. Bougard

作曲:Wu-Tang Clan/S. Bougard

Wake up wake up wake up Verse 1: Wake up and get to hold your life get your kick up The model of your street you eat or you're ate up straight up You're tired of waiting go get your waiter My people are tired to wait the reparation pay us Screaming Jesus would save us I get the mill but they say save up but that is other trick to slave us First minimum wages put us in the apart with cages And watched our mothers to struggle to raise us But my ambition won't let me live in this poor condition That's I don't care about color of cream or region Police and politician got to listen to opposition From my position we still don't got a pot to piss in From my position we still don't got a pot to piss in Verse 2: Lord says save the day for the poor They pour the wisdom in the cup shoot that's overflow Knowledge is our bread try to keep us in welfare Time for Religion not bring us the satisfaction without action And now who can disagree with me God is no mystery there is nowhere in the history You can show me to prove it to me But you still face me says in my head We have to be religiously in GOD to infinity for real Chorus: World won't get no better if we just let it better World won't get no better We gotta change the world just you and me Verse 3: Poor reparation Bush ministration Any quality marshal law and segregation Force us false teachers false education Now is the time to us for come along for this nation They deceive us they don't believe us They believe the cream like Julius Caesar I'm like Marcus Garvey Malcom X with haters Preps for the changes remind other leaders Never warship the images of smart eaters I'm on the back of the bus but with fine Adidas We are in jungle life but not jungle fever I'm in God body all day long spiritual life lessons I recite this song tried to wake up everybody can we all get along? Vote my people in the south Black fists up Staten Island stand up stand strong Put the chain to the gate bring the crane along Chorus Verse 4: Wake up and realize our time we're living in The World getting more iller than ever Taught us change for the better But it was like a dream of Martin Luther He had a vision like move the mountain Protect one and another that's the word of my brother Malcom Wa-'alay-kumu s-salamu We want the justice police suppose to protect us and serve But they shoot us like wild animals We learned they're cold heart killers in blue suites Slay black youths the blood are spilled more than ever We need a solution fast get the bill pass Let me educate you in translation that is God will It goes hold together we how we are Stand with a plan divided we're gonna fall That is the Willy lynch tag Separate from mass and taught us things backwards Chorus


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