Track by NF




Woke up in the cell,
where am I at?
Yeah, it's cold, but I like that
What am I, trapped?
Heart's beating out of my chest
Door's locked,
but the keys are in my hands
Hm, yeah, that's weird,
it doesn't make sense, does it?
I make songs,
I don't make friends—judge me
Might smile,
but it ain't that funny
Sing along to the pain,
they love it
Life's like a merry-go-round
And I'm still tryna figure
it out
I like space,
I don't fit in the crowds
My whole life I've been airin'
it out
Oh, I'm gettin' into character
Feels wrong, but it feels right
My feelings seal tight real nice
But I will fight anything to win
But I'm not Mike Tyson,
I won't bite ya
But I will tell you
if I don't like you
I am not the norm
I got my own shoes,
I ain't tryna fit in yours
I never been married,
but I've felt divorced
Hi, I'm Nate,
have we met before?
Somebody told you I was wack?
Check the source
Somebody told you I was back?
Yes, of course
You got a problem with the fans?
There's the door
You lookin' for the old me?
Check the morgue, agh!
Not a fortune-teller,
but I can see
into the future better
Ain't no tellin' what'll happen
when I pick up the microphone,
get the fans together
Same style,
but the songs are better
Been a year and a half,
feels like it's gone forever
Ain't no drink in my hand,
but you know the buzz is comin'
Big steps in the game, yeah,
the Hulk is running
My thoughts are funny,
it feels like I'm onto
something, yeah
I'm high off the music,
my head's in the clouds
I kinda like it up here;
I am not comin' down
I'd rather be alone,
I am not good in crowds
Which is kinda confusin',
I know been that way
since a child
They laughin',
they tell me I'll never get out
I'm just tryna be me,
I am nobody else
I don't care what you think,
I'm just bein' myself
So I guess for now
I'll just be the outcast
I'll just be the outcast
I'll just be the outcast
I guess I'll be the outcast
Yeah, I guess
I don't fit the mold of rap
'Cause I'm respectin' women
"I heard your record,
I was laughin at it"
Maybe they would like me more
if I got a little graphic
with it
Nah, I don't wanna blend in
with you little rappin' idiots
I'd rather be the outcast
I ain't never puttin' out trash
I take a hundred and staple
it right to my tongue
I always put the money
where my mouth's at, agh!
Feels good to be here now
I'm a weird person
with a weird crowd
What, you don't like that?
That's cool, that's great,
that's fine, okay,
you can leave now
Got a weird smile,
but I like it though
I paint it on me and I'm walkin'
to the microphone
And put the caution tape around
me like I did in Intro I, yeah!
Yeah, they got me
reminiscin' now!
Yeah, you done know

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