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A Movement In The Light (Album Version)

A Movement In The Light (Album Version)

Track by Fishbone


作詞:K. Jones

作曲:K. Jones

There's a path for you and I to follow For our goals aren't always in our sight But now you've come to dread and fear tomorrow Were your dreams killed in your sleep last night ? Fight for what is right... Pray for a movement in the light Some are slaves to Rhyme, Wit and Reason Some are slave to all of what they hear To sing a different song is outright treason Is the price of freedom what they fear ? This cannot be right... Pray for the movement in the light Hey... Hey... There's a light to guide the way Hey... Hey... The light has brought another day For you and I should ever come together Turn away the hatred in your heart For we should find a peace to last forever Find the peace no man can tear apart May all the world unite Pray for the movement in the light

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