Open Wide(Album Version (Explicit)) feat. Sebastian

Open Wide(Album Version (Explicit)) feat. Sebastian

Track by Bubba Sparxxx


作詞:Anderson Mathis/Tim Mosley/Garland Mosley

作曲:Anderson Mathis/Tim Mosley/Garland Mosley

(Bubba Sparxxx) Yes sirree (uhh uhh uhh) no he didn't (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) Yeah they did (uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) yeah they did.. (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh) .. (Uhh-uhh-uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh, freaky freaky) Who just stepped off in this game and foresizin them WHITE THANGS and invited y'all to test me wherever they MIGHT HANG? Didn't need no Hannibal to see Betty got NICE BRAIN Now they thankin I'm disturbed, believe me I'm QUITE SANE See we managed to find them flows somehow it's EASY Y'ALL Take the hardest Timmy beat massage it and MAKE IT SOFT Go 'head take it off, I won't tell yo' daddy baby I always had game but I've been extra savvy lately You probably saw me at the corners in that candy Dodge Ram Folks who ain't heard the news say, "Look at Andy, God damn" That must be renowned fam cause I ain't even got a Dodge But still that same raggy, quite import in my garage I swear on every ounce of blood in my mama's veins that I walk these dogs across this country twice to stop the pain So I'm handin Tim the leash and when I do I hope you cry Now tell these sons of bitches get this gate, OPEN WIDE (Chorus 2X: Bubba Sparxxx) Here we come so please somebody tell them to get, OPEN WIDE Got three Bettys and I might go tell them that they OPEN WIDE Got this thang out on the back country rollin is OPEN WIDE It's what? OPEN WIDE! It's what? OPEN WIDE, whoa! (Bubba Sparxxx) Now shit's, sorta changed, since I strolled, in this thang Cause I froze, on your brain, like a nose, full of 'caine Now I, try me a few drugs just to, find me a new buzz But that, time gave me too much, thank God, I finally grew up How could, I bring this so raw? Pack up, sing your shit on law You mad? Well then that's yo' loss; that's why, yo' bitch is on toss Drink up, if you really wanna run, y'all wild like Timmy on the drums They know, not to get me on the rum Four-fifth, that is heavy when I'm done Y'all want me to bust? Y'all sure y'all want me to bust? I'm in the zone to bust - goin adjust to the home of the fuss Am I versatile? Probably the best y'all heard in a while Have mercy child - don't just shake it twerk it with style Don't y'all love when I talk? How I sell it the way it was bought The way I was taught - really I fought this battle for naught And in conclusion - let me say that I'm on yo' side To hell with Bubba - now show your pride and OPEN WIDE (Chorus) (Sebastian) I was sippin pro, Remi slow, did enough to breakin the law Flavors froze, songs I chose 'til I get the crowd involved So I do shows and I lift clothes and point the mic to y'all Which pistol, could get yo', eyes away from the bar? Problem solved, stir and call the food court in the mall And any chick, that I saw, I got her number and all Help me y'all, if her closet is too small for some domino drawers or a piece of her, bra I would reckon that one of her damn digits is off I legitamately call and end up with a pizza that's large So I'm, sick of you broads and you, neighborhood stars Don't care about your cars like Bubba get out the yard Listen, damnit Bubba pay attention to my hoes with extension Got my vogues on suspension, got my pushes in the kitchen Got my streets, on a mission; got my corners with they trickin There's no fam in this business - came in too fast (sorry) (Chorus)

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