Church On Sunday

Church On Sunday

Track by Grace


作詞:Grace Sewell/Marcos Palacios/Ernest Clark/Charles Hinshaw, Jr.

作曲:Grace Sewell/Marcos Palacios/Ernest Clark/Charles Hinshaw, Jr.

Ain't really my type
but we locked eyes
One time for a cool guy
Blowing up my phone
so I made time
Had you thinking you was so fine
And since I told you
you was all mine
you been keepin' things poppin'
in my side line
Sounds bad but I can't lie
So wrong but it feels right
But it ain't true
I shoulda thought this through
Why is it I never seem to know
I didn't mean to lead you on
I know it ain't you
I should have thought this
Oh baby it never seems to last
'Cause I'm too scared
to take a chance
Hate to see you falling for me
And I hate to leave you lonely
But my heart it cold as can be
I gotta go to church on Sunday
Used to wear my heart on
my sleeve
Everything is not what it seems
Boy, you should be
running from me
I gotta go to church on Sunday
Met a cute boy and he got cash
Real tall and I like that
He was in the back of
my French class
Real bull so I let him pass
Took him for a ride
s**t went fast
Never knew where we was going
Tried to slow it down
tried to make a dash
When we crashed
it was all bad all bad
But it ain't true

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