Track by REEF


作詞:Gary Stringer

作曲:Gary Stringer

In my arms, and my legs, And my hips, and my shoulders, And my neck, to my feet, In my brain, let's- Must I shout, to be heard; Heard by you, and your kind, In your offices, all around, Listen up, for a- Ohh, it's a weird feeling friend. Ohh, I can't understand it at all. Speak of me, when I'm dead, with your hand, on my face. All those memories that besot you, Where's your life? Loosen- Ohh, that is a weird fucking feeling friend. Ohh, and I don't wish it upon no one, yeah, come on. Ohh- Yeah, say come on now. Ohh- Listen up now. In the morning, when we wake, We go down, to the place. When we get there, we kick a ball, We kick a ball, in the car. Said it'd make me feel alright, Said it'd make me feel alright. Feel alright. Put a little smile on my face

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