Left Right Left

Left Right Left

Track by Charlie Puth


作詞:Charlie Puth/Paris Jones/Geoffro/Marc E. Bassy/DJ Frank E

作曲:DJ Frank E/Charlie Puth/Paris Jones/Geoffro/Marc E. Bassy

Oh, I've been hurtin' lately
I'm down on all my luck
Sometimes there's no one there
by your side
I don't deserve this baby
But I know I can't give up
Tough times I'll just take them
in stride
I'm almost there
only one more step
Left, right, left, right, left
I'm movin' on I got no regrets
Left, right, left, right, left
I said times are changing
Tell me how can I keep up
Every time
I turn around there's a wall
But I'm climbin' daily
until I see the top
And I get up right
after every fall
When you're broken hearted
and you're loves departed
And yeah you gotta walk alone,
yeah its true
Flashin empty smiles,
I've been lost for miles
Yeah I know you've felt this way
before too
We're almost there
baby one more step

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