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Jeffery Campbellのスケートシューズで

Jeffery Campbellのスケートシューズで

Track by BIGMAMA


迫り来るyour birthday 何が欲しいの? お決まりの"as you like" 試さないでよ but I know, it's for you I found a skate shoes you know? it's for you a lovely Campbell shoes you'll be mine walking down the stairways gracefully you're so sweet I'm looking up and feeling so happy may it not be a dream would you like to dance? Don't worry please come here my love, today is the dearest day of year 素敵なwrapping and ribbon 開けても良いかしら? 少しはにかんで鏡の前でポーズ no money or friends that I could spare and no luck with my face but now I have one thing sure with you I would be the happiest man in the world happy birthday to you! 君は優雅に階段から降りてくる 僕はそれを嬉しそうに見上げている これはきっと夢じゃない さぁ踊ろう 誰の目も気にせずに 今日は一年で一番愛すべき日なんだよ お金も無い 友達もそんなに多く無い おまけに顔まで貧乏臭い それでも僕は君を 世界で2番目に幸せにしてみせる

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