Sweat (feat. Jenna Andrews)

Sweat (feat. Jenna Andrews)

Track by Cash Cash


作詞:Alexander Luke Makhlouf/Jean Paul Makhlouf/Jenna Andrews/Samuel Warren Frisch

I'm feeling all this pressure And I'm trying to breathe it in The way you touch how you're making me weak Melting down my walls you got me diving so deep Yeah I'm caught up in confusion You're too blurry to see Cause this manic situation's getting harder to read The waves are crashing over But I'm crashing right in Yeah I'm in Drowning in your ocean Swimming in emotion You're making me sweat And I'm over my head You're making me sweat Swimming in emotion You're making me sweat We could do whatever I don't even care where Minutes turn to hours got me grasping for air Always dreamed of this But now you're taking me there Yeah we're there, we're there I could stay right here forever feeling reckless and free As long as we're together I got all that I need The tides are rolling over but we're rolling right in Yeah I'm in

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