Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Track by Halsey


作詞:Ashley Frangipane/Ryan McMahon/Benjamin Berger

作曲:Ashley Frangipane/Ryan McMahon/Benjamin Berger

Do you remember
the taste of my lips
That night
I stole a bit of
my mother's perfume?
Cause I remember when my father
put his fist through the wall
That separated the dining room
And I remember the fear
in your eyes the very first time
We snuck into the city pool
Late December with my heart
in my chest and
The clouds of my breath,
didn't know
where we were running to
But don't look back
We'll be looking for sunlight
or the headlights
til our wide eyes burn blind
We'll be lacing the same shoes,
that we've worn through
to bottom of the line
And we know we're headstrong
and our heart's gone
and the timing's never right
But for now let's get away
on a roman holiday
Can you imagine
the taste of your lips
if we never tried to kiss on
that drive to Queens?
Cause I imagine
the weight of your ribs
if you lied between my hips
in the back seat

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