Raining Diamonds

Raining Diamonds

Track by Ricki-Lee


作詞:リッキー・リー・コールター/Billy Mann/デイヴィッド・シューラー

作曲:リッキー・リー・コールター/Billy Mann/デイヴィッド・シューラー

I declare war on love, I declare war on love Finally I'm burning the pages and I declare a war on love It's not fair to put the blame on you It's not fair to just blame you I kept denying the sound of the sirens So it's not fair to just blame you For too long I played the pretender But now I'll never surrender I need it rain-rain-raining diamonds I need the planets all aligning I know that love is more than just surviving I need it raining diamonds I'm not scared, a little reckless maybe Til I hold it in my hands And when I fall madly deeply I wanna fall and never land I've heard it, heard it, heard it All the lines and the imperfections But perfect words are worthless I'd rather go it alone

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