80's Skit

80's Skit


FM 92.2 2002 you in the mid-day cruisin fair with the fabulous marvalous marv get down to marley marley shrimp shack, boogie star that was detroit zoom slum village you just heard on your dial on the only other station you gonna hear somethin' ya aint heard in a while R.J.'s latest arrival performin live tonight at the raw little cafe tickets on sale right now and they goin pretty fast i gotta couple right here for the 7th caller give me a call and get your front row seats to a blast from the past ladies free until 9 ya better get down here cause they lookin so fly saw this guy, caught my eye in the nick of time he was so fly i saw you round my way just the other day you were damn fine you made me lose my mind in the nick of time you were too fly now lady me and t3 little men, lookin at your ass it was so wide you dont know what you did when you walked past with your fine ass now lady somethin very special girl doin' somethin special when gangsta girls fly when she step onto the party catch all the guys eye jump into the maserati shes a real fly hottie she's the type of gurl that you want her body

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