Let It Go

Let It Go

Track by James Bay


作詞:Paul Barry/James Bay

作曲:Paul Barry/James Bay

From walking home
and talking loads
To seeing shows
in evening clothes with you.
From nervous touch
and getting drunk,
To staying up
and waking up with you.
But now we're sleeping
at the edge
Holding something
we don't need.
All this delusion
in our heads
Is going to bring us
to our knees.
So come on let it go,
just let it be
Why don't you be you
and I'll be me.
Everything that's broke,
leave it to the breeze.
Why don't you be you
and I'll be me.
And I'll be me.
From throwing clothes
across the floor
To teeth and claws
and slamming doors at you.
If this is all
we're living for,
Why are we doing it,
doing it,
doing it anymore?
I used to recognize myself
It's funny
how reflections change.
When we're becoming
something else

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