Take Me (ft. Colton Avery)

Take Me (ft. Colton Avery)

Track by Nicky Romero


作曲:Nick Rotteveel & Andrew Frampto

The devil kicks the angel
from my shoulder
And says let's have some fun
You can get your share
of sleepinng when you're older
Boy, the night is young
He said think of all
the temptations
that was waiting
for you in the dark
Oh, I'm trying, I'm trying,
my best to be good
But lord, it's getting hard
Take me to the heaven I know
Where the angels all dance
And the neon cross glows
Take me to the alter tonight
Go and bathe me in the water
Drown me in the light
Feeling all my good intentions
fading with the setting sun
I'm trying to fight my demons

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